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I am amazed each time someone tells me that they have heard that visitors are not allowed to attend our church services.

I suppose that the confusion happens when they learn that not just anyone may attend our holy and sacred temples. It is true that not just anyone may attend the Temple of the Lord. Even some members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have not met the necessary requirements to attend the temple.

However – any one may walk into and enjoy the worship Services and/or Sunday school classes of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

We do not have paid preachers, ministers or pastors. In fact, all those in leadership positions are called to their positions by prayer and revelation. All members volunteer their time. The organization of the church is marvelous and once you understand how it is organized you know that it must be inspired by our Lord.

Would you like to visit sometime and experience an LDS worship service? I’m scheduled to give a talk on this coming Sunday, the 17th.  Surprise me! I’d love to meet you!

Worship Service is at 9:30 a.m. most Sundays of the year. (4 times a year, we enjoy conferences set at later times). My ward address is 351 Glenridge Avenue, ST CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2T 3K6

If you do not live near St. Catharines, simply visit http://www.maps.lds.org  and enter your own address! You will find the nearest LDS church and meeting time. I love to use this website service when I’m travelling! No matter where I am, it’s very easy to find the nearest meeting place.

During our service, you may hear 3 or 4 people (ages 12+) speak. Once a month, (usually the first Sunday of the month) no one is actually scheduled to speak. This is when those who are able, fast (no food or drink for 24 hours) and pray (with intent), and are given an opportunity to bear their testimony of the truth of the restored gospel during the service.

Usually the speakers are assigned a topic. Since there was a bit of a mix-up this time around, I was given 3 options to choose from, each based on the following messages, each excerpts of powerful conference talks. So for the past day I have been seeking inspiration from the Lord to choose that topic which will best serve Him this week.

Which topic would interest you the most?

Click on the link to view short messages (about 3:00 minutes each)

Your Potential, Your Privileges

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf shares a humorous parable of a man who realizes he has been living far beneath his privileges.


Just as a garbage dump can be turned into a beautiful park, a life of sin can be cleansed and changed through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Choose This Day

Henry B. Eyring, a disciple of Jesus Christ, urges us to seek God’s help to overcome complacency and discouragement and find joy in serving Him today.