Impromptu company is often the best. No fanfare expected. An unembellished meal  complimented with good company can turn out to be the highlight of the week. Yesterday Elder Nathan Sparks and Elder Kyler Webster joined us for supper.

Whenever LDS missionaries come to visit they share a message. Tickled with their unique presentation, I decided to share it with you! An accomplished photographer, I’m not, however we thought it’d be fun to include photos. This object lesson was re-enacted just for you!

Elder Webster and Elder Sparks



Elder Sparks got this block of wood from his bag, set it on the table and asked my husband and me to place all 9 nails on top of the one nail.




None of the nails were allowed to touch the block of wood. I wouldn’t even attempt it for more than a split second.

Each of us figured only one nail would fit on top of it.

It certainly seemed an impossible task. (Apparently, when they present this challenge, some people will work on it for at least 15 minutes!) I said, “It can’t be done!”



“You don’t have enough faith!”Elder Sparks teased.










In less than a minute, giving up, we asked, “Okay, would you show us how to do it?”

Here he Goes


In Less than 5 Seconds!





There They Sit-On 1 Nail!






Within 10 seconds Elder Sparks had placed those nails securely atop that nail! Very impressive!







Huh!! We never would have thought of that on our own!




Elder Sparks explained, “This process is much like how we live our lives, sometimes; we fiddle with our problems and questions from almost every possible angle in order to solve them on our own. Through frustration and humility we find what God has known all along. We cannot do it on our own. “

He pointed out that unless we ask for help, we’ll never figure out how to do it. And he would not show us how, until we asked for help.

Elder Sparks continued, “This is just like trying to balance our lives by ourselves and expecting to be fruitful and successful, without asking for and accepting God’s counsel and guidance in our life.

“This object lesson also helps to demonstrate that we cannot even imagine the ways the Lord can help us with our life, and the miracles He can perform. Just like the balanced nails, when people seek and receive God’s counsel they proclaim “I never would have thought of that!”

“Heavenly Father will more than likely respond like a loving father would. He’ll help his frustrated child find answers to the problems that are impeding their happiness or progression. Personal revelation or guidance in life is one of the greatest gifts he can give us.”

Love our Faithful Missionaries!

If you ever meet Elder Webster, ask him about the 3 cups and 3 knives object lesson. 🙂


“Our ever faithful Heavenly Father took my prayer seriously and that summer implemented situations in my life that would direct me at last to His true church. That is a story for another time.” 

The paragraph above was written in “First, My Story”. Today’s post gives you the addition.

There may be countless times in our lives when we are guided by the Lord but we do not necessarily recognize it.

“When He, the Spirit of truth is come,

He will guide you

into all truth: for He shall not speak of Himself;

but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak” John 16:13 (KJV)

In the spring of 2005 I prayed a simple prayer stating that I desired to find the church where His Holy Spirit would be found. That was the full desire of my heart. In September, after my summer excursions, I intended to begin ‘church shopping’.

My plans included attending a convention in Salt Lake City, followed by a journey to Texas for a few weeks.

Shortly after uttering this prayer, I began to have a very strong feeling that I should include a week experience at an herb farm, at the invitation of the company.

Supposing that it would broaden my knowledge of essential oils I registered. This would take place immediately after convention.

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths” Proverbs 3:5-6 (KJV)

One evening during convention, half heartedly, I followed a couple of my friends on a tour of Temple Square. There, I met young female missionaries with innocence, openness and with a light in their eyes which I hadn’t seen before.

They spoke with great reverence about Mormon history. I learned that they had paid their own way to volunteer for a year and half.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir was performing the next morning. Alone, I attended “Music and the Spoken Word” live. My heart was deeply moved. The lady next to me was warm and friendly. I was in tears and could hardly respond. Embarrassed, I sought escape.

I spent the following week at the farm in Mona Utah. We worked in 100+ degree weather and there was very little time or energy for chatting. But one important incident kept repeating in my mind.

One day, K.C. the farm manager felt that I had responded disrespectfully to his boss. All he said was “Lily.” No anger. Firm. I had never heard that tone of authority by anyone in all of my life.

It did not make me feel afraid and I quickly realized how respectful he was of his boss. Later, as I pondered, I realized that something in his tone had actually made me feel safe and protected, even while I was the one being admonished.

For days, I wondered what the difference was. (Friends, do you know?)

On the fifth day, K.C. enquired about my church, mission to Africa and experiences.

That evening back in my hotel room, very strong on my mind, I kept wondering. “He asked me about my church. Why didn’t I ask him about his church?”

And then time ran out. It was our last day and K.C. left the farm early that day. I left for Texas with the intention of writing my new friend to ask my questions.

Soon after getting home one day, I was enjoying a great upbeat day. I sat down to check my email and someone had posted a very short video clip-maybe 30 seconds- of the farm. Nothing outstanding or spectacular. I watched it and abruptly out of nowhere it seemed to me, copious tears flowed.

That is when I began to speculate. What was happening? Why the tears ‘out of nowhere’? Had God been answering my prayer all summer? Was He trying to get my attention?

I struggled and questioned Him. “You really want me to become a Mormon? Are you sure? Lord, that is the last place I ever would have thought You would send me. Really? Oh, dear.”

“And the Lord shall guide you continually,

and satisfy thy soul in drought” Isaiah 58:11

I wrote K. C. and his wife Marilyn asking many questions, eager to learn more about the Mormon faith. Very faithfully they responded…weeks of exchanged letters, carefully teaching me the truths of the restored gospel.

They mentioned the official LDS website. There, were more teachings regarding the Holy Ghost-the same as I’d always believed and even more! Joy and great hope flooded my heart. I began to believe that this was the answer to my prayer.

Finally, in September, I invited the missionaries to visit. I noticed that they too, have a deep respect and love for the Lord. God’s light shone in their eyes. Patiently and with evident joy, they answered my questions and then left a Book of Mormon with me.

Again I was told, “If you will ask our Heavenly Father with a sincere heart, with real intent, the truth will be made known to you.”

As soon as they left, I read a few passages. As I relaxed with this precious book in my arms, the warmest gentle feeling filled my heart and I was given a vision of the truth of the Book of Mormon. It was a powerful testimony.

“You will seek Me and find Me when you

seek Me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

Since my conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Heavenly Father has blessed me immeasurably with deep peace, assurance, comfort, joy and love. He continues to guide and inspire me daily. I continue to be amazed how He guides me step by step.

God does answer prayer. He keeps all of His promises. He will do this for you. He lives to do this for each of His children.

Is there a time that have you were guided by the Lord? I’d love to read about it.