heavenly beings

“Image used with permission from Greg Olsen Art Publishing, Inc.”, www.gregolsen.com 208-888-2585

“Image used with permission from Greg Olsen Art Publishing, Inc.”,
www.gregolsen.com 208-888-2585

Last weekend, at a friend’s funeral our stake president warmly and sincerely addressed her family promising them that whenever they faced struggles and endured difficult times, their beautiful wife and mother would be nearby.

“Sometimes the veil between this life and the life beyond becomes very thin. Our loved ones who have passed on are not far from us”  E. T. Benson

And then in our Sunday lesson (The Restoration of the Priesthood) we discussed the authority and blessings that have been restored with the Aaronic Priesthood, one of which is ‘the keys of the ministering of angels’.

So, I’ve pondered some this week about the role of angels in our lives.

Here are a few quotes that may give you some insight about these special beings who minister to those on the earth.

Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ” 2 Nephi 32:3

“When messengers are sent to minister to the inhabitants of this earth, they are not strangers, but from the ranks of our kindred, friends, and fellow-beings and fellow-servants.

The ancient prophets who died were those who came to visit their fellow creatures upon the earth. They came to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob; it was such beings—holy beings if you please—who waited upon the Savior and administered to him on the Mount. The angel that visited John, when an exile, and unfolded to his vision future events in the history of man upon the earth, was one who had been here, who had toiled and suffered in common with the people of God.

… In like manner our fathers and mothers, brothers, sisters and friends who have passed away from this earth, having been faithful, and worthy to enjoy these rights and privileges, may have a mission given them to visit their relatives and friends upon the earth again, bringing from the divine Presence messages of love, of warning, or reproof and instruction, to those whom they had learned to love in the flesh.” Joseph F. Smith (Gospel Doctrine, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1970, pp. 435–36.)

“That means, as I interpret it, that if you live worthy of the priesthood, you have the right to receive and enjoy the very power of heavenly beings to guide you, to protect you, to bless you”. Gordon B. Hinckley

President Brigham Young taught that the postmortal spirit world is on the earth, around us. (Teachings: Brigham Young [1997], 279).”

The ministering of angels, available to all church members, can occur through personal appearances and can also be unseen. “Angelic messages can be delivered by a voice or merely by thoughts or feelings communicated to the mind…Most angelic communications are felt or heard rather than seen”. Dallin H. Oaks

“If you live up to your privileges, the angels cannot be restrained from being your associates” (Teachings: Joseph Smith [1977], 226).

“And now, my beloved brethren, if this be the case that these things are true which I have spoken unto you, and God will show unto you, with power and great glory at the last day, that they are true, and if they are true has the day of miracles ceased?

Or have angels ceased to appear unto the children of men? Or has he withheld the power of the Holy Ghost from them? Or will he, so long as time shall last, or the earth shall stand, or there shall be one man upon the face thereof to be saved?

Behold I say unto you, Nay; for it is by faith that miracles are wrought; and it is by faith that angels appear and minister unto men; wherefore, if these things have ceased wo be unto the children of men, for it is because of unbelief, and all is vain.” Moroni 7:35-37

Aren’t you deeply grateful that Heavenly Father has provided so much for our protection, guidance, comfort and to bless us with confidence in His tender mercies as we travel this mortal plane?! I am! I believe very  harsh times are coming soon and we will need all the help we can get.

What do you believe?