I was travelling to celebrate Christmas with my family on the weekend, the day of the terrible tragedy in Connecticut. Such a sad, heart wrenching day for so many. A damper on our celebrations and feelings of inexpressible sorrow, however no comparison to the raw loss and agony all those affected families are feeling and experiencing as Christmas approaches.

I felt that nothing I might say could express adequately all the feelings of my heart. I nearly chose to remain quiet, especially because so very many have attempted to express with tributes, memorials and song our collective heartache and condolences.

However, today I read an exceptionally well expressed article written by Kathryn Skaggs filled with truths and balm for the soul.

“The only true source of comfort and peace to the sorrows, the losses and the soul wrenching pains of mortality is through Jesus Christ. And as difficult as it may seem for us to understand, it is during these times that human nature is prone to seek for a source greater than self to be comforted when there are no reasonable answers, or solace to be found. When we are tormented with grief unspeakable, asking questions where seemingly no answers are to be found.

I think of this as each of us having a sort of homing beacon, planted deep inside. I believe our spirits innately know there is more, and therefore there is a constant yearning, imperceptible, until the answer appears before us. And when it does, it is pure revelation. Light….”

Click here to read the rest of “The Only True Source of Comfort and Peace”.

May your heart be filled to overflowing with truth, faith, and hope as you read Kathryn’s post, and may that truth bring you the deepest of peace, comfort and joy.