be still

Last time in Two Truths for Traveling Anywhere”, I meant to highlight a full schedule of preparations for our most significant trip ever.

“Consider how we are preparing for this trip of all trips.

Time with family and friends, compassionate service, magnifying our callings, discovering and using our talents, hearing and obeying promptings, spending time in prayer, reading our scriptures, missionary work, learning God’s will for our lives, following the example of our Savior in all ways…”

Even more so, then, was the contrast in my dear friend’s thoughtful comment. Being still- a most valuable aspect of our preparations. If you missed it, I knew you would appreciate pondering Bryant’s wisdom this week.

From Bryant Barber

Re: Consider how we are preparing for this trip of all trips:

As I age, and I don’t enjoy “all” aspects of the process, I’d like to share a phrase from scripture which has helped me. It is found in PSALMS 46:10 – “Be still and know that I am God.” I thought I had a general idea of what that meant.

be still and know that I am God

It was a favorite of my elderly father-in-law, who passed away in October of 2013. However, if someone asked me, “What does that mean to you?” I’m not sure what I would have said.

So, I began to ponder it, and with the help of a thesaurus, looking at synonyms for “STILL,” and “KNOW,” and other scriptural references, I came up with some other ways of stating that phrase that might help me to broaden my understanding of it. Following, is what I came up with:

Stand still…and…listen to Me
Quiet yourself…and…pay attention to Me
Don’t be anxious…but…have confidence in Me
Be calm…and…have faith in what I say
Just relax…and…trust Me
Be at peace…because…I really do understand
Be serene…for…I am with you always
Be soft and gentle…for…that is My way
Listen…and…I will enlighten you
Don’t be afraid…for…I will comfort you

be-stillMy conclusion? I do know that God is my Heavenly Father and that Jesus Christ is my Saviour. I need to “be still” and listen to His words, which partly comes from reading His words; and also pay attention to the “still, small voice” of the Holy Ghost.

Heavenly Father truly has not left us “alone” here on earth, and I am so grateful for that. Good luck to us all as we prepare for that trip of all trips.


How do you fit “be still” in the busy-ness of your day?