asking for revelation

My friend Graham recently was called as a counselor in the Stake Presidency. During his interview with Area Seventies he was askedDo you know how to receive revelation?” He has since pondered revelation and written an informative three part article on his blog.

“I have reflected on what it means and what I can do to improve my ability to receive revelation…I plan on a more in-depth posting on revelation soon…for now I’ll post some of the questions I’ve been thinking about:

* Do you know how to receive revelation?

* Do you recognize revelation when it comes?

* Are you asking for revelation?

* It is “easy” to understand how revelation pertains to Church life, but do you understand that revelation can be received for literally EVERYTHING in your life?

* Are you aware of the things in your life that would stop you from receiving revelation?

* When you receive revelation, do you act on it?”

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights” James 1:17

Gift of Holy Ghost



I never tire of reading articles and hearing talks on revelation. It seems that the more informed we become and the better we understand the process, the more we are enabled to receive this priceless gift from Heavenly Father.


“The Holy Ghost is a revelator” 

“No man can receive the Holy Ghost without receiving revelations” Joseph Smith

Here are the links to enjoy and ponder on Graham’s perspective regarding revelation:

Do You Know How to Receive Revelation? Part 2

Do you Know How to Receive Revelation? Part 3