It took me way too many years to learn that we are spirit children of our Heavenly Father and ENTITLED to receive Revelation! God desires to communicate with His children. He has an amazing plan in place that makes that possible.

More than anything else, our most powerful and living God desires our happiness and joy. He offers you and me the privilege of a relationship with Him, the great omniscient God of the universe. He has provided everything we might conceivably need, to know and to follow His will in each of our lives.  And that- even more than we are able to imagine, if only we will choose to believe and to receive that which He offers.

The many facets of revelation enthrall me and upon further pondering, examination and experience continue to amaze me. Here are just some of the different aspects of revelation that come to mind: communication, inspiration, a still small voice, prophecy, inspired writings, vision, warning, truth, insight, illumination, faith, Holy Spirit, entitlement.

I do not claim extensive knowledge and experience with revelation. I’ve received just enough to have built my faith and to progress with confidence in the direction Heavenly Father has indicated for me. I thirst to know and understand more and so for me, this may help me to focus some of my study. The scriptures abound with examples of God’s desire to communicate with His children and it is my pleasure to quote them as reminders.

Your exchange of ideas and your testimonies are always welcome.

Reasons for this Blog

  • To enjoy a living relationship with God, we are entitled to ask for and receive revelation. I seek to examine this privilege in all its facets.
  • To share the importance of ongoing revelation and the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of Latter Day Saints.
  • To share with you the blessings available to the members of this marvellous church where I feel privileged to belong –The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
  • To exchange thoughts,  ideas and experiences that we may learn from each other
  • To provide a forum wherein seekers of the truth of the restored gospel may ask questions and receive answers without judgement or coercion.
  • To glean wisdom and insight from those brothers and sisters more advanced than me in the restored gospel. Please feel free to add your thoughts and feelings – we all may benefit.



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