I marvelled when I first held a Bible in my hands. I was 22 years old. Finally, 30 years later Heavenly Father did indeed guide my steps till I found what I sought…the precious truths of the restored gospel and the companionship of the Holy Ghost-that most sweetest of gifts and supreme promise of comfort, strength and power.

I, Lily, am mom to three amazing adults, mom-in-law to their marvellous spouses and grandma to 7 grandchildren spread out in Texas, Ottawa and Cambridge. I live in the Niagara Peninsula with my most indulgent husband (33 years).

I enjoy travelling, especially where there are beaches (I’ve always loved water), reading (there is NEVER EVER enough time!), scrapbooking (haven’t made time for it in years), wild blueberry picking with my friends (getting kinda old and creaky to do that) and going for walks in the bush -otherwise known as the Bruce Trail.

I have enjoyed countless hours of pleasure practicing genealogy (I’m not very good at it yet) and thrill anew each time I discover a family tidbit. Like Anna (“never left the temple, but worshiped night and day”) and Simeon (“righteous and devout”) who beheld our Saviour with their mortal eyes, I am privileged to serve in the House of the Lord (temple) and would be humbly elated to be found there by our Lord on the day of His appearing.

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