Here it is, Friday evening and I’m three days behind with a new post. Had you noticed?

Hazy, lazy days of summer? Nope. I spent last week up north away from internet access for a Family Reunion. Got home somewhat worn out. A day or so to recuperate and sure looking forward to August’s more laid back schedule. That was the plan.

Till this morning. In the night, my 95 year old Father-in-law passed away. I get to retrace my tracks this weekend, 8 hours north to celebrate his tremendously full life, with family and friends.

In this post, I’ll share a couple of unrelated quotes that caught my attention this past couple of days.

This first one resonated with me for various reasons…one of them being that I happened to squander my valuable free time yesterday caught up in reading a couple of atheists’ debates. (Very. Not. Worth. It.)

Dan Peterson’s First Rule for the Study of Other Religions:

“If a substantial number of sane and intelligent people believe something that seems to you utterly without sense, the problem probably lies with you, for not grasping what it is about that belief that a lucid and reasonable person might find plausible and satisfying.”

More in line with this blog’s theme, the following quotes come from the latest Ensign article I read. These truths inspire me and lift me up with faith and hope.

“The Spirit can have an even more powerful effect on us than our physiological senses.”

 “We cannot hope to receive personal revelation unless we conduct ourselves like faithful disciples of Christ. Respecting the covenants we have made with God qualifies us to receive the companionship of the Holy Ghost, who enlightens our intelligence and causes our spirits to blossom.”

Have you a recently discovered quote you’d like to share with us? Your comments are always welcome.

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